Wari motif from Pampa del Arrastrado

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Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Fall 2011 (Anthro 203.1 - Old!)
Living in Our Globalized World, Fall 2011, SSU main campus (Anthro 340 - Old!)
Living in Our Globalized World, Fall 2011, Solano Liberal Studies Program (Anthro 340 - Old!)
Introduction to Archaeology, Fall 2009 (Anthro 202 - Old!)
Foundations of World Civilization, Fall 2009 (History 201 - Old!)
Emergence of Civilizations, Spring 2009 (Anthro 341 - Old!)
Living in a Pluralistic World, Spring 2007 (Anthro 340 - Old!)
Andean Archaeology and Ethnohistory, Spring 2006 (Anthro 326 - Old!)
World Prehistory, Spring 2000 (Anthro 325 - Old!)

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Andean Archaeology Research in Peru: Published papers, conference papers, research reports, dissertation, papers by David Jessup, pictures of pots
An Archaeologist Uses Kite Aerial Photography: Making photographic maps with a camera suspended from a kite
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The images are from Wari ceramics found at Pampa del Arrastrado (top) and Cerro Baul (bottom).

Wari motif from Cerro Baul

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