Plowing near Yacango, Peru
in a
Pluralistic World

Anthropology 340.2 - Sonoma State University - Spring 2005
Taught by Dr. Bruce Owen
Updated on May 22
The final exam is on Tuesday, May 24, 11:00-12:50 in our regular room
A study guide for the final exam is available under Handouts
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Links to sites about anthropology and issues we cover

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  • Anthropology in the News. Links to the latest finds, discoveries, and controversies in cultural anthro, linguistics, biological anthro, and archaeology. Updated frequently.


  • Satellite photomap of Iraq. The best map I have seen for putting places in the context of mountains, desert, rivers, marshland, and irrigated areas. This is a large, high-resolution image. If it fits on your screen and is hard to read, your browser is shrinking it. Click it with the magnifying glass cursor or pick 100% size to see it clearly. Brought to you by your CIA. (632 Kb)

  • TrekShare: Travelers' pictures of Iraq in 2003. 300+ photos of people, places, and life in Iraq less than two years ago, with short captions, by trekker-tourists.

  • Camera Studies in Iraq (1925). 73 photos of people and places in Iraq, with sometimes archaic captions, taken around 1925.

  • Wikipedia article on Iraq. Lots of background information and links. Wikipedia is publicly edited, so there may be errors or biases, but the info is usually good.


  • Wikipedia article on Afghanistan. Lots of background information and links. Wikipedia is publicly edited, so there may be errors or biases, but the info is usually good.

  • Afghanistan Online. A hodgepodge of interesting background. Worth exploring.

  • Photos of Afghanistan by Luke Powell. Hundreds of spectacular photos with brief explanations. In sections by subject.

  • Radio Afghanistan. Listen to documentaries, talk, and music from very cool to, well, less so.


  • The Democracy Center: Cochabamba and San Francisco. Bolivia's popular resistance to water and gas privatization, in text, news, and two photo galleries. Well reasoned but not intended to be "fair and balanced", this site takes an activist political position.

    US farmworkers, immigration, etc.:

  • US Border Patrol. What they do, in their own words and pictures. Click around for other areas of US Customs and Border Protection (formerly the INS, or Immigration and Naturalization Service) and its parent organization, the Department of Homeland Security.

  • The High Cost of Cheap Labor (Center for Immigration Studies). Report claiming that immigrants consume more in services than they pay in taxes - as do all poor workers. Recommends against allowing undocumented workers to become citizens, because poor citizens would cost taxpayers even more than poor undocumented people.

  • Corporate Press Parrots Sham Study by Far Right Think Tank. A dissenting opinion on the Center for Immigration Studies study.

  • Illegal Aliens in Federal, State, and Local Criminal Justice Systems. They are mostly there for being undocumented.

  • Globalization and the Fight Against Poverty. Report arguing that globalization is good for poor people.

  • Like Machines in the Fields (Oxfam America). Illustrated report on farm labor conditions and an approach for improving them by pressing key large buyers to pay very slightly more for produce. Since farm labor costs are a small fraction of the price, small price increases, if passed down the supply chain, would greatly increase farmworkers' wages. (968 Kb PDF file; will take a while to open)

A shepherd's sling, southern highlands of Peru

A farmer's hat, southern highlands of Peru Living in a Pluralistic World by Bruce Owen
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