Paid and credit-bearing archaeology opportunities!

Right here on campus!

The Anthropological Studies Center needs people to work on lab componants of its archaeology projects. On-going sites include 19th century domestic deposits from San Francisco and prehistoric/Native American materials excavated in Sonora. Pay starts at $11.11/hour for inexperienced crew. Hours are flexible (within reason). The ASC's Lab is located in building 29 on campus. Phone Erica Gibson, Archaeology Lab Manager 664-2891.

This semester the Center is also offering a two unit internship in cultural resources management that gives students the chance to do what archaeologists do. For details phone Staff Archaeologist Mike Newland 664-2734.




The David A. Fredrickson Research Awards committee has raised the maximum award to $1000.

As many as FOUR awards are available for this school year. CRM students at SSU and staff/students at the ASC are eligible to apply.

The money can be used a variety of research activities -- including MA thesis improvement for those who have a near/complete draft.

The application process is simple and fast.

Last year's awardee was Hannah Ballard for her in-the-field artifact 'cheat sheet'.

The Award is funded by payroll deductions from employees of the Anthropological Studies Center.

More details are at

Professor of Anthropology
Director, Anthropological Studies Center
Sonoma State University
Rohnert Park, California
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phone 707 664-2381
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